Creditors’ Remedies

Client Focus

At Mulvaney Barry, we recognize that effective representation in enforcing creditors remedies requires swift action. We also understand the complexities of the law, which is critical to obtaining the maximum recovery from a distressed situation. This recognition and understanding ensure the successful enforcement of your rights.


Over the years, Mulvaney Barry has developed an impressive reputation for assisting creditors in enforcing their rights. Our services include prejudgment attachment and claim and delivery as well as arranging for the appointment of receivers to collect rents and profits for real property lenders. We have also assisted our clients in foreclosing upon mechanics’ liens and in protecting the collateral of secured creditors so that it is available as a source of recovery.

We understand that swift and aggressive action is absolutely essential to avoid or minimize any loss. We also take great pride in our reputation for utilizing an aggressive yet practical approach to ensuring that every potential for recovery is explored.


Our clients include institutional lenders, finance companies, and numerous other businesses and individuals that find themselves in the position of needing legal counsel to obtain the payment of obligations they are owed.

Many of our clients are located in Southern California but, because of our reputation, we have represented companies from other parts of the country to obtain the repayment of an obligation or to pursue their security interests.