Construction Contracts/Disputes/Creditors’ Rights

Client Focus

We recognize that clients bidding on construction projects face stiff competition. Clients seeking to collect for services performed face a minefield of strict deadlines and specific notice requirements. We provide prompt, practical, and economical support to meet the legal needs in this specialized industry.


We offer a full range of legal services including:

Contract negotiation and formation:

  • Reviewing and drafting of contract documents, including use of our own forms and/or standard construction contracts such as those issued by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC)
  • Flexibility in documentation to accommodate lump-sum, cost-plus, design-build, and other alternatively-priced contracts
  • Legal audit for bidding on public contracts
  • Negotiating and securing payment and performance bonds

Contract performance:

  • Providing legal support for conflicts between owner, architect, general contractor, subcontractor, and/or supplier
  • Memorializing change orders, back charges, and delay damages


  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Stop notices
  • Contractor license bond claims
  • Miller Act claims
  • Payment and performance bond claims

Because valuable remedies can be lost by failing to comply with strict statutory requirements, we act swiftly and aggressively in pursuit of collection claims. We also work with our clients to institute internal mechanisms by which they can issue timely and appropriate notices to preserve various remedies even prior to engaging us to initiate more formal collection procedures.

  • Disputes

We pursue many types of contractual claims on behalf of our clients, such as actions to interpret and enforce contract provisions and to resolve claims for change orders, back charges, delay damages, and the like. Because of our extensive experience with construction law issues, we often serve as special counsel to help resolve construction defect issues.


Our clients include international, national, and local construction companies, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. The clients’ projects have ranged from highly technical engineering applications to simple single-lot “cut and fill” grading. Clients range from multi-million-dollar companies to an operator/owner of a single bulldozer.