Client Focus

Our bankruptcy experience is the result of years of practicing in this specialized area. We are particularly skilled in negotiating and/or litigating the issues that impact on your rights as a creditor. We can also offer the invaluable experience that our attorneys have obtained in clerkships with federal bankruptcy judges and in serving as trustees in bankruptcy proceedings.


The ability to draw upon the resources of experienced bankruptcy attorneys is critical. At Mulvaney Barry, we are experts in enforcing the rights of creditors, both secured and unsecured, when debtors go into bankruptcy. We also understand the importance of immediately recognizing and addressing a troubled loan in order to avoid a bankruptcy. We accomplish this objective by negotiating and documenting loan workouts and debt restructurings.

Once a bankruptcy has been filed, we have successfully:

  • Obtained relief from the automatic stay against the collection of debts, foreclosure of security interests, and enforcement of judgments.
  • Represented creditors in preference, turnover, lien avoidance, and fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Challenged bankruptcy proceedings filed in bad faith
  • Filed objections to wage earner plans
  • Represented creditors who sought to prevent a debtor from wrongfully discharging debts
  • Obtained reaffirmation agreements


Many of our clients are creditors with substantial secured claims and we are skilled at insuring that appropriate steps are taken immediately to preserve and realize the value of that collateral. Our clients represent a broad spectrum including:

  • California’s leading banks
  • San Diego’s leading independent banks
  • Commercial and consumer lenders
  • Trade creditors
  • Trustees
  • Creditor committees