Client Focus

Our clients often come to us either to appeal from an adverse judgment or ruling or to defend their trial victory in an appeal by the losing party. Appeals usually involve complex issues, and the decision of whether to appeal or not is the most difficult issue facing the party who did not prevail at trial or other proceeding. We assist our clients in making that difficult decision by analyzing the relevant factors involved in the decision. After the decision has been reached, and the appeal process is begun, we handle every aspect of the appeal, and we do it as economically as possible.


Our practice covers the entire spectrum of civil appellate procedure in State and Federal courts and includes:

  • Appeals from judgments or appealable orders entered in California Superior Courts
  • Petitions for review to the California Supreme Court
  • Interlocutory appellate review procedures such as Petitions to the Courts of Appeal for extraordinary writs to obtain review of non-appealable orders
  • Appeals from judgments or appealable orders in the United States Bankruptcy Courts and United States District Courts to the Circuit Courts of Appeals


We do appellate work for many clients, including large and small businesses as well as individuals.